Does a free WordPress SEO plugin work like a premium one? Is it important to invest in buying a paid plugin or we can rely on a free one?

Questions are many and, the answers are challenging. If a plugin works in a particular case or not, depends on the case. It’s tough to find if a plugin is helpful or not, as there are hundreds of ranking factors on which overall SEO score is calculated.

Still, you can use a plugin and make sure the basic structure is rock solid. And for that, even a free SEO plugin will do the job!

Top WordPress SEO Plugins (Free)

All you’ve to make sure is that the right WordPress SEO plugin is in use. It’s time to know them!

#1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Top WordPress SEO Plugin Free

Even if you’re a newbie and have read 2-3 articles on WordPress SEO topic, then this name isn’t new, right? Yoast is a well-known name in the industry, all because of the quality service it has been offering since years. The plugin comes in both free and paid versions, while free one offering the best a normal setup needs. Most of my blogs have been set up using the free version and I never felt the need for premium one.

However, the premium version offers tonnes of additional features which definitely helps in improving the SEO score further. The free version we’ll focus today on can take care of Meta Description and Title of the homepage and individual Posts/Pages. It’s a perfect tool to control how these details are visible on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Other than that, it even checks the content, giving useful tips to improve it from both SEO and User Experience point of views. It will tell you to maintain keyword density, the number of links, and even the formatting part. Based on all these factors, an overall score is achieved, which if is Green, then the particular Post or Page is perfectly optimised.

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#2 All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO - Free WordPress SEO Plugin

The first WordPress plugin I came across, not just in SEO category. This free WordPress SEO plugin has been offering services since years and has over 3 million active installs. The developers behind are keeping things updated regularly to match the modern requirements and compatibility with latest WordPress script version. There is a premium version of the same but, the free version is equally treated by the developers.

The free version does similar things as of aforementioned one. It gives you a control over how Homepage and individual Posts/Pages are shown in the SERPs. Individual Post/Page title and meta description can be tweaked which helps in getting better ranking and better CTR.

It doesn’t offer content analysis as of Yoast. If you’re already using other tools like Grammarly or confident about the content then that content analysis feature is not needed. I rarely worry about the score as I know what Google likes. So, not having these added features help the All in One SEO free plugin to stay lightweight, comparatively.

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Note – These two are the best free WordPress SEO plugins out there and it’s a good decision to pick one out of these two. Still, if you’re looking for options, go ahead with the compilation.

#3 SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate Best WordPress SEO Plugin Free

A plugin which goes by its name! It comes with specific features for link building which is one of the prime ways to get better rankings. Unless the content is really poor, the plugin will always work to get a better score. It’s the best pick if you focus a lot on link building to get quick results.

The free version is loaded with tonnes of features. In fact, it can take care of three or four plugin’s work. The premium version is also available which offers dedicated support from the developers and a bunch of advanced features.

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#4 The SEO Framework

SEO Framework Best Free SEO WordPress Plugin

Think of this plugin as a mixed version of aforementioned two. It looks like Yoast and functions like All in One SEO. The functionality part is rock solid and the best part is that there is no premium version to it. If this is the criteria you look for!

The developers behind are ready to offer quick support and they even answer the requests for new features. Go ahead and check out rest of the features to know if it’s the right one or not.

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SEO by SQUIRRLY Best SEO Plugin Free

As a webmaster, we have to use a lot of tools to check the quality of content, then take care of SEO score and keep an eye on SERPs ranking positions. How about if a free plugin can do all these things and keep the data available under a single dashboard? This is what the plugin in question is all about.

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To attract Yoast or All in One SEO users, it even offers a quick setting importer tool which keeps everything just like that. The free version is what you should start with and later, if all goes well, can opt for the premium one. You may find Neil Patel recommending it over all other top free WordPress SEO plugins!

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Over to You

In my opinion, it’s a good choice to pick one out of top two free SEO WordPress plugin I’ve mentioned, unless you want to experiment a bit. As a blogger, I always recommend doing experiments to know which recipe works in a particular case.

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This is how a blogger can learn new things and grow professionally. Between, don’t experiment on an existing money making website. Always try new things on a new setup. Good luck!

Top WordPress SEO Plugin which are Free to Use in 2017
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